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  5. "She is wanting glasses."

"She is wanting glasses."

Translation:Tha i ag iarraidh speuclairean.

December 7, 2019



Does ag iarraidh also translate as wants? She wants glasses?


Yes, that would be a better translation imo.


I think they've left the 'is wanting' construction in to maybe make it easier to explain the way the present tense is set up when they get to the tips bit. But yes, She wants is perfectly acceptable as a translation.


It is English as a Gaelic speaker would express it. :)


, "is wanting" implies an action that is happening now, and "wants" implies a general state of desire. There is a difference, so I suspect the translation gives the most accurate idea.

Although if you were just translating the one sentence out of context then either way works just fine.


Is there a trick to remembering how to spell long words with many vowel combinations like this?

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