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"I am not understanding Donald."

Translation:Chan eil mi a' tuigsinn Dòmhnall.

December 7, 2019



I think that "I am not understanding Donald" can be interpreted correctly both as "Chan eil mi a tuigsinn a Dhòmhnaill" (i.e. vocative) and "Chan eil mi a tuigsinn Dòmhnall" (i.e. nominative). To accurately distinguish between the two options would require some more information on the circumstances. I realised that as I typing but was forced to make a random guess ... unfortunately I plumped for vocative!


If you aren't in doubt, just report it; click the little flag, and choose "my answer should have been accepted."


a' is short for ag which changes understand to understanding. Verbatim translation of Tha mi a tuigsinn...: "am. I understanding.... This makes the act of understanding actively happening currently. I like to think of Scots as proactive, men of action when it comes to their verbs!


I thought we got the vocative particle before consonants. a Dhòmhnaill? What am I missing?


This isn't vocative case because it says "I don't understand Donald". Not, "I don't understand you, Donald."

It is about someone called Donald not too someone called Donald.


What does the "a" in front of the verb accomplish/?


Genitive Dhòmhnaill rejected. While the use of the genitive for the object of a verbal noun may not be rigidly adhered to nowadays, it is certainly not wrong.

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