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Accents in Scottish Gaelic

Would it be possible to put the bar of accents below the typing fields in the Scottish Gaelic lessons the way they are in the French lessons? It would make it so much better for those of us who can't easily shift keyboards, and we would learn our accents better!

December 7, 2019



Hey! Script had been written and this will be implemented in about a week.


Tapadh leat! And on that note... When do you use Tapadh leat/leibh vs Moran Taing? Is one more formal? I understand the difference in the direct translation of Thank you vs Many thanks, but is there a "cultural translation" of when they are used?


Sgoinneil! Mòran taing!


FWIW, I created keyboard shortcuts for all the accented vowels so when I type the two keystrokes `a (you could use anything) I get à. A few minutes of planning and setup has made my typed responses (and my notes) a breeze.


The accents keys show up on the website but none appear on the app on my tablet.

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