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Bi-lingual Books

I just downloaded The Songs of the Hebrides, for Kindle from Amazon. The introduction (in English) is educational, and the content is bi-lingual. I also found some bi-lingual children's picture books but found the content to be too limited in terms of vocabulary. Please comment with titles and sources of other bi-lingual books that you have found. Tapadh leibh!

Edit: https://www.amazon.com/Songs-Hebrides-Scots_gaelic-Marjory-Kennedy-Fraser-ebook/dp/B07BVYXKMQ/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=Songs+of+the+hebrides&qid=1575753670&s=digital-text&sr=1-1

December 7, 2019



There's also cogadh Ruaraidh, which is designed for learners.


Thanks! Do you by chance have a source? Nothing popped up in a quick search.

Edit: Found it, only $1.45 on Kindle. I had to search with Google after not finding it with a search in Kindle. https://www.amazon.com/Cogadh-Ruairidh-Iain-Mac-Eathain-ebook/dp/B005G3QAHS


Còco is Crùbagan / Cocoa and Crabs - A Hebridean Childhood by Flòraidh NicDhòmhnaill Product Code: 9780956076403

It came with an audio CD in both English and Gaelic when I bought it.

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