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  5. "Tha Mòrag ag iarraidh còta."

"Tha Mòrag ag iarraidh còta."

Translation:Morag is wanting a coat.

December 7, 2019



I realize that 'is wanting' is the literal translation of the Gaelic here, but is there some reason for not using the more idiomatic English 'Morag wants a coat'? In English 'is wanting' sounds borderline ungrammatical to me, at least for a present reading. I would only find that acceptable if we're talking about a habitual/recurring situation, like 'Morag is always wanting ice cream.'


agreed. it feels somewhere between what I'd expect (Morag wants/needs a coat) and something very formal and uncommon (Morag is in want of a coat) but doesn't hit either!


But 'is needing' is marked incorrect anyway.
Interestingly, 'is wanting/needing something' IS idiomatic Scots, for example "Whit's wrang wi the bairn? Ah, she's needing her bed" etc.

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