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"'S e ollamh a th' annam. Chan eil mi glic ge-tà."

Translation:I am a professor. I am not clever though.

December 7, 2019



University standards must be falling then.


Or modesty levels are up :P


I've met a few of these in my time, I have to say. And not just recently.


What's the difference between ge-ta and ge ta? Ge-ta was in a single circle and the other choice was the same parts but in two circles. The single circle was called wrong and the separated circles were called right. System snafu?


You've probably already had this answer for a while, but for newer users like myself, I thought I'd answer because I've been keeping track of this error after asking a superuser about the same a few days ago:

The mobile app's coding allows it to accept bubbles with hyphens, but the desktop/full/web site does not. So it's a consequence of the Gàdhlig course's designers having employ work-arounds for a bug in the system that Duo's developers won't fix.


when would you use 'ge-ta' and when would you use 'gu leor'? is there a difference?


Ge-ta = though, gu leor = enough (i'm a learner but i'm pretty sure about this)


yup, brain fart.
not sure if i meant something other than gu leor xD


not offensive to professor at all :)

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