"my food"

Translation:nā mea ʻai aʻu

December 7, 2019



Explanation? "The food of mine" is the answer text. Is kou meaai also acceptable?


I believe it has to do with the difference between the 'simple' and 'complex' sentence structure found in the language.

Whereas "maika'i ka pua" is a self contained and completed sentence, where the adjective proceeds the noun. "ka pua maika'i..." Is a as of yet incomplete sentence where the adjective comes after the noun and that requires further specification.

So too could "na mea 'ai a'u" be the complete sentence simply meaning 'my food' whereas "Ka'u mea 'ai..." Be an as of yet incomplete sentence.


What's the difference between nā mea 'ai and ka mea 'ai? How do you pluralize food?

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