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Suggestions to improve your Arabic studies

Writing by hand is the biggest suggestion I can give for learning Arabic. Writing along with your lessons adds to the number of pathways your brain takes to learn the language, and magnifies your efforts.

When I’m at my best, I like to write down every audio prompt I hear, before looking at the text on the screen. I write my responses by hand before typing into the computer, and before looking at the written prompts.

Writing by hand helps me to listen to the small differences in vowel sounds, and to distinguish between similar consonants (the ‘t’s, the ‘h’s, the ‘k’s, etc.)

Writing by hand improves my listening, my reading, my retention of the vocabulary, and it may even help my pronunciation.

December 7, 2019



Yes writing is great! Especially the Arabic script which I find to be so beautiful. It's like art!


This is a great suggestion, peHsFl9H! Writing is the ancient and long-term solution to truly learn a language. The problem with online learning methods is that it doesn't really seem to encourage writing, but merely typing - and yes, that does make a difference.


i agree, im studying arabic in college along with duolingo and writing everything has made it a lot easier for me to comprehend.


You are so right. Exactly this way I am also going on.


Yes good suggestions. Thank you. But, there are no exercises in the Arabic course to improve your pronunciation. These are there in the German course.


Duolingo does have its limitations — especially with a course that is at the beginning of its development.

I like https://mangolanguages.com/ as a resource for improving pronunciation. I got a free subscription through my local library. (You’ll have several dialects of Arabic to choose from).

I always recommend saying EVERYTHING out loud as you follow along to help train your tongue and your ears.

Search through the forum for other suggestions as well.

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