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  5. "Tha mi brònach a-nis."

"Tha mi brònach a-nis."

Translation:I am sad now.

December 7, 2019



Should "I am now sad" be OK?


Yes it should be but every alternative answer had to be entered by hand and there is no point in someone having to enter alternatives that have no teaching value. So just stick to the word of order in the original unless there is a good reason why not.


Again I got two different versions of brònach when the phrase first played one male and one female but bearing in mind the fact you found nothing wrong with the audio when I reported another case I replayed it twice and it worked perfectly. Since I have noticed this in a few places it may be that there is an intermittent fault with the system.


Mòran tàing a Joanne.


Do you use Duolingo on desktop? If you hover over a word in the sentence, it will play the audio for that individual word. It might be that the audio for the sentence played as you hovered over the word brònach, and so you heard the word spoken by two speakers :)


I'm wondering if "a-nis" translates to "the now", because if it does, it happens to be very similar to using "the now" in the Scots language.


The most likely explanation of the Scots is that it is actually a mistranslation of the Gaelic, since an/am/a' can mean the, even though it doesn't here. It is in fact an obscure preposition just like the to in today (an-diugh). It is this obscurity that would have given Gaels difficulty when learning Scots, so it is easy to see why they would have got it confused with the much more common definite article, even though that doesn't actually make sense here.

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