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Accent Tiles Coming Soon!

The good folk at Duolingo will be adding accent tiles (à è ì ò ù) similar to the French and Norwegian courses for the Scottish Gaelic course (web only). The script has been written and this should be available in a week or so.

December 7, 2019



Tapadh leibh! I can no longer get accents on my computer keyboard (the old 0225, for example, won't give me an accented a). I prefer to use them, even if answers will be accepted without them, so I copy the set above (from Wikipedia) and paste while doing the Gaelic course.


On my Linux computer that doesn't work either. However if you can install a US International keyboard (also available on Linux and OIS, then your problems will be "sort of" solved. On an iPad it's even easier . You use an extended press on the letter and all the options come up.


It's not universal, but on a lot of browsers/distros, AltGr followed by one of the punctuation keys then a vowel will give an accented vowel. For example, on a UK keyboard 'AltGr-# o' gives ò, AltGr-' o gives ô etc.


Tapadh leat, Jim606185! Agus tapadh leibh gù leòr!


If you switch your keyboard to Spanish you get independent accents [ where these brackets are]. You also get with a shift º and äëïöü. ¡Very easy and no other tricks needed!


You can select them from Windows Accessories ==> Character Map... does that help?


Woah nice! Surprised they're doing this so quickly, but definitely glad they are! Didn't expect them to care much about the Scottish Gaelic course


Honestly have to commend Duo staff. They have been with us every step of the way.


And I am so thrilled that the voices are actual speakers and not CG text-to-speech! ‘S math sin gu leòr!


CIMacAonghais, I was so excited when I learned that a Scottish Gaelic course was coming to Duolingo, and was surprised that it was released in beta so soon. I got started on the course this week and I'm delighted to be learning the language of my ancestors. Thanks so much for your hard work to bring this to us.


Lovely to hear! :D


That's great news! I don't have too many problems with them since they are fairly easy to type on a German keyboard (though à takes a click more than á would), but I know a lot of people do.


Oh I am so glad about this. Tried every which way to get my keyboard adapted and eventually got a computer whiz to help. I had been using "insert symbol" on word documents and then copying and pasting from the word doc every time. However, although I have "hot" keys for the accents now, they only work on Word docs and not in here. Past few days, I was getting on so well and I really want to type each time so my fingers remember (!), so I'd started just not putting the accents in - bound to come a cropper with that eventually, I'd feared. Thanks to all who have realised the difficulties and arranged to have the tiles available. I'm going to have to go back over the accentless attempts however. Actually looking forward to it.


That's good. I've been struggling with accents wheelchairs predictive text changing Gaelic words to English ones, e.g. Angus for agus!


Hi AnnRayner2, I admire your dedication. Can't imagine how difficult this would have been with no accents AND predictive text having its wicked way. Have a Lingot thing from me :)


Thanks, I have just started Scottish and was wondering why there are no accent tiles and in Spanish or German.


I study on my phone so I can use them. This will be great!


Great news! And props for all the hard work in continuing to update the course so quickly

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