Love this beta course so far. will there be option to type accents? Good work to the folks who have put this together. I love the multiple voices that present the language. The mature female voice is a challenge! quite a listening exercise!!! Thanks again!!

December 7, 2019


There was a very recent forum post that said that accent marks should arrive next week or so!

Accents and Gaelic word suggestions are available with the Gboard keyboard. I've had Gboard for a long time on my Android tablet so I don't remember loading it but I think it's an app.

I used word suggestions when I was starting Italian. It's a gentle natural way of easing into a language. As children we first learned verbally. Spelling came later.

I thought accent marks were already a thing. On the computer at least, they should be shown at the bottom

not on scots gaelic, that's why I asked....i have them for spanish and french

Should be coming soon, the folk at Duolingo are working on it :)

What OS are you using? On Android I have a Scots Gaelic keyboard available so it has accents. It also gives word suggestions, which is SO helpful.

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