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  5. "I do not like that."

"I do not like that."

Translation:Cha toil leam sin.

December 7, 2019



why cha instead of chan?


Gaelic doesn't like going from words that end in a vowel into a word that starts with a vowel and will try to break the contact.

you only add an n to chan when the first sound in the next word is a vowel. For example chan eil, but also chan fhaca (the fh is silent). Everything else uses just cha. Cha toil, cha tug, cha do leugh, etc.


so the N is actually added rather than removed


Why sin and not seo?


seo is this, sin is that


What's the difference between chan eil and cha toil leam?


"Cha toil leam" means "I do not like", "chan eil" is more like "not so" "Cha toil" would be the negative response to "An toil leat..." or "Do you like..."


Cha toil leam sin and cha toil leam idir seem to mean the same thing. Is this correct?


Cha toil leam sin is I don't like that. Cha toil leam idir is an incomplete sentence saying I don't like at all; it would need something else to show what you don't like, eg Cha toil leam e idir (I don't like it at all) or Cha toil leam sin idir (I don't like that at all)

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