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  5. "Tha an t-isbean teth."

"Tha an t-isbean teth."

Translation:The sausage is hot.

December 7, 2019



Do we use a "t-" (when saying "the") if the noun begins with a vowel?


Yes, but only for masculine nouns.


What tips are there to determine which vowels are masculine or feminine?


Er.... I assume you mean nouns rather than vowels there. There are some general things, but overall you learn them as you go. My advice is to remember them with an adjective that lenites so you can remember which they are. But as a rough guideline, masculine is used for names of males, nouns ending in -(e)an, -(e)as, -air, -ear or -(a)iche. Tends to be names of trees and the young of animals. Feminine is for names of females, nouns ending in -(e)ag, -(e)achd, or -e Names of countries, musical instruments, diseases and planets. But this is just general guidelines and it's best to learn the gender of the noun as you learn it.


What's the difference between "the sausage is hot" and "the hot sausage"?


the hot sausage - an t-isbean teth, the sausage is hot - Tha an t-isbean teth


does "teth" in this context always only refer to temperature, or is it as in English also used for "spicey" (as in "hot sauce")


I had the sausage is red. Id never get the sausage is hot

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