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  5. "We don't have white dresses."

"We don't have white dresses."

Translation:Stolas candidas non habemus.

December 7, 2019

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Lēx Iūlia proscribed some dignity vulnerable status women ( PudīcitiaFidēsCloelia ) to be ineligible to wear a stola instead, prescribing wearing a Toga MuliebrisMeretrīx MeretrīcēsMereō (“merit, deserve”) +‎ -trīx. (she who earns). •

By the mid-to-late Republican era, respectable women were stolatae • • Elegiae: • STOLATAE FEMINAE FEMINAE • STOLATAE QVONDAM • Sextus Propertiusmatronae stolatae

Stola Ancient Greek στολή (stolḗ).

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