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"He wants to sell the white toga."

Translation:Togam candidam vendere vult.

December 8, 2019



Why not "Togam albam..."?


I think that to differentiate 'he' from 'her' in this sentence, the sentence should start with Is as: << Is togas candidam vendere vult>. But this was marked wrong!


Can someone explain why it is 'togam candidam' and not 'toga candida'? Thanks


It is similar to when you would use 'me' instead of 'I', 'them' instead of 'they', etc.

togam candidam is in the accusative case since it is the thing the is wanted to be sold.

toga candida could be the nominative and would then be the subject of the sentence making it 'the white toga wants to sell'.


What's wrong with albam?

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