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Beag/Bheag and Beatha/Bheatha basic sound files - not hearing the lenition.

In the basic, one-word quizzes, I am not hearing the lenition for Bheag vs Beag, or Bheatha vs Beatha. It's the young female speaker on the recording.

With the other speakers, once we get into the phrases, the distinction when the words are lenited is clear. So either the speaker who did these particular files sounds exactly the same when leniting her Bh's, or there was a mixup and the sound files are the same ones.

December 8, 2019



Yes it can be difficult. I check all the options because sometimes the unlenited/lenited recordings are different enough - which will make the difference clear. I might toggle back and forth between the options and the recording in question to try to listen for slight differences. I don't know if that will help. You could also make a note in the discussion field that it was hard to hear the difference.


It was only with this one speaker that the files sounded the same. Unfortunately, these were also the files on the one-word example, so there was no "discuss" option. Hence, the thread here. :)


Hey, I’ll have a look at the audio and get back to you.


Just checked and lenition was there in both files although it was a little more subtle in "bheatha" which I have re-recorded. Lention was clearly audible in bheag in the soundfile so I have not changed it. Not sure if there was a mix up with what file actually played, but I'll keep an ear out. Changes will take a while to appear at the user end.


I really appreciate the wide range of accents we're hearing in the sound files. There are some regional variations I've never heard before, and I think that's excellent. I'll keep going and let you know how it sounds now. Whether it was due to my missing the subtlety of her lenition or a mixup in the files, mòran taing for sorting it!


Amazing! Thanks for flagging it. Appreciate the help, mòran taing!


This was actually something my Gaelic instructor noted after hearing her son play with the course in duolingo; usually the representation in audio samples is pretty narrow, this was a breath of fresh air.


Tha gu dearbh! "Bheatha" is much clearer now! Tapadh leat!

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