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  5. "We love to eat and drink!"

"We love to eat and drink!"

Translation:Tunapenda kula na kunywa!

December 8, 2019



Shouldn't Kukula or Kukunwya work?


No, those verbs work differently because they already start with “ku”. The “ku” in kula and kunywa is the same as kupenda or kupika. The difference is that they aren’t conjugated the same way- you say ninapenda but also ninakula. This is true for all monosyllabic verbs- verbs that have only one syllable besides “ku”.


These are the infinitives:

kula = to eat
kunywa = to drink

The verb stems are -la and -nywa but Swahili has certain rules that prevent verbs with short stems from appearing without the ku- sometimes.

If you add an extra ku-, you'll unintentionally be saying something quite funny:

kukula = to eat you
kukunywa = to drink you


Or Intentionally. ; ) lol

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