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How is your progress in Scottish Gaelic tree ?

I have completed almost 60% - 65% of the Scottish Gaelic beta tree. I have just above 11 more skills to go to complete the tree at least once.

But, in most units I am at Level 1 and in few I got up to 2nd or 3rd level.

How is your progress till now ?

When did you start ?

What are you doing to use and memorize what is being learnt ?

December 8, 2019



Completed the Beta tree up to level 2. Some at Level 3. I don't make a conscious effort to memorise anything just yet. That's the beauty of Duolingo. As a child you learn by repetition. Just let repetition work for you. If you're aiming to get a Golden Tree you will have ample opportunity. And of course, use other resources too. My ultimate aim is fluency.

Of course not everybody learns the same way, so do what works best for you.

When it comes to grammar, you might actually want to do something different, but some of the very strange phrases you might see could be just a fiendish way to make things stick in your mind. So don't complain about Seumas posing in his underpants just yet.


It goes well....I do not progress as fast, because i go to level 5 in each skill before proceeding to the next one. I think what has helped in the beginning was that I was taking Irish and the similarities helped me. At a certain point though, to get to level of learning Gaelic and speaking and writing spontaneously, it needs to go beyond the tree and just interacting in Gaelic.


I also like going to level 5 before moving on.


I've been taking classes offered by the NS government at lunch twice a week September-April for the past 2.5 years, when I saw that Gaelic was available on duolingo (about 11 days ago), I created my account and went absolutely bonkers, currently at level 5 on the first 3 skills, 3 on the next 11 and 2 on the rest. I generally have the grammar structure and a good feel for how lenition works, which helps a TON.
My classes are on break until January, so practice is limited to a little bit with my wife.


Almost at first checkpoint. I'd say I'm not doing bad for a complete beginner. Everything to level 1 then I'll be waiting for the next update.


I've just hit the numbers section. I make a point of maxing out every topic before proceeding to the next.


I haven't gotten very far, I do 1-4 lessons a day and try to get golds before i move up


I started when I got the e-mail notification that Scottish Gaelic was available, so about a day after the course went into beta. I just passed the first checkpoint. I'd done everything before that to level 1 on the first day and have been practicing and learning the vocabulary since then (mostly on the memrise course I'm making). I have most of those skills up to level 2.

My goal is to do about on skill a day from now on, plus the usual repetition of older skills. We'll see if I'll be able to keep it up (in addition to my other languages and real life stuff).


I started about ten or eleven days ago, and I'm three skills from the third checkpoint now (on Sport at the moment). I've also got almost everything up to checkpoint 2 to level 2, and everything up to checkpoint 1 to at least level 3.

Initially I progressed very quickly, but I feel like things got a lot more tricky after the second checkpoint, with more complex sentences, a glut of new vocabulary, and some longer words (particularly verbs) that I found tricky to spell correctly and differentiate from one another in my head. So my progress has slowed a little since I reached that point, and I'm taking it more slowly so that I can better absorb the material. I'll probably go back and level up everything between checkpoints 2 and 3 once I reach checkpoint 3, too, as I feel like I'm going to need to revise a lot of that material to make it stick.

Besides the course here, I try to watch some BBC Alba / listen to Radio nan GĂ idheal every day. I'd be lying if I said I understood much of it just yet, but I've picked up little bits here and there that have come in handy here on Duo, and I feel like it's helped with my pronunciation and listening skills. I'm also making and revising Gaelic flashcards on Anki, and leafing through some of the Gaelic books and magazines my father gave to me when I was toying with the idea of learning the language a few years ago. My approach to language learning has always been to use media to surround myself with as much of the language as I can, even when I'm not actively studying it, and while that's not been as easy with Gaelic as it was with my other foreign languages due to there being a comparatively small amount of media in the language, I've still managed to find enough to fill my free time with.


I started when it first came out (Wednesday 27th November, 2019) and I'm on the Time skill :-)

Now (21 December 2019) on the Days skill, but working on getting everything to Level 2 now :-)


Just started and really enjoying it. Being half Scottish I've always wanted to give it a go, My grandfather would use the odd phrases here and there, but I never had a clue what he was saying! Looking forward to getting through the course.amd feeling more connected with my Scottish roots.


It took me about a month to do the Scottish Gaelic tree. But I had finished the Irish tree so a lot of it was familiar. I enjoyed the Scottish tree and look forward to the update.

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