Is it me?

Or does almost every question/translation involves someone drinking coffee/eating an apple with something or other.

July 30, 2012


Or some ducks eating with chicken ;) I guess the questions will diversify when you would start to have completed more lessons, or so I hope. So far I have had many elephants...

Sehr gut. Was ist "lol" in Deutsch? :-) Ich muss ein Glas Wein getrinken!

Sandwiches. Many many sandwiches, which is not exactly helpful for new vocabulary. I really wish Duolingo would diversify it's noun base, because those Enten and Apfel work my last nerve.

"work my last nerve" sounds funny to me in English. I'm used to hearing "gets on my nerves". Sandwiches, elephants. Did you guys get that kid that was always drinking oil?

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