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  5. "Feumaidh mi falbh an-dràsta."

"Feumaidh mi falbh an-dràsta."

Translation:I need to go just now.

December 8, 2019



I need to go right now? In US English, just now means that something happened just a moment ago.


In Scotland 'just now' or 'the now' means something that is happening, or is imminent. A bit like the British English 'presently', only with a bit more urgency. Ie. 'Oh hi, no I can't chat, I'm on my way to the shops just now.'


Wouldn't "I just need to go now" be a better translation.


Or maybe "right now" at least in American English.

I guess a-nis is more like "now, and not a change from a few minutes ago and not likely to change in the next few minutes."

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