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Why should we go to the church?

I've just stumbled upon this kind of sentence again: 'Wir sollten in die Kirche gehen.' (sometimes it's the kids/parents who should go or haven't gone or will go...to the church). Personally I don't mind but I think there are many users here with different or no religious affiliation! Perhaps adding examples with the temple, mosque, buddhist temple,etc. could be good :)

July 30, 2012



I think this is just a case of common english words being used because they are conveniently familiar and therefore useful for teaching grammer. Both in English-speaking countries and German-speaking countries, churches happen to be much more common than any other place of worship; they also have tall steeples and are therefore useful city landmarks, so knowing how to refer to them can be a useful way to find your way around the city for tourists who want to learn the language. I wouldn't get too worked up about this.


that's ridiculous. Even if they were to do that, the people that are offended by that would probably still be feel the same that their place of worship isn't used everywhere.


Thanks for the ridiculous. It's not about not offending people (learning a new language is also about being open minded and as far I can say duolingo's users are). It's about being less "culture-centric" and add more variety in the questions. When you are further in the lessons you will realize that some words appear very frequently in questions (e.g. Fischsandwich, Bier, Kirche). They may be important parts in German culture but finding them over and over again is monotonous.


Try French and apples or lemons. Just one of those things.


There are Churches in the world we live in. Abnd there are people going to Church - orr the mosque for that matter. If one learns a language, then it does not make much sense of not learning how to speak about such things. In Edwardian England, people were not speaking explicitely of sex. Should we have a similar attitude towards religion - or political convictions, or whatever?

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