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What is your structure?

Hi all. I am approaching the tree in a 3x3 fashion. By that I mean I have made it to the third checkpoint, at level 1 only, and now I am going back to the start to get to level 3 in all topics. Once that is done, will move on past the third checkpoint. Obviously there is no right or wrong way of going through the tree, but I am curious, what is your own structure?

December 8, 2019



I tend to work only on 3-5 skills at a time, and then keep on them till I've mastered them. So far I've completed everything in the first checkpoint to gold, and I'm about halfway through the second checkpoint. I try to compliment this with independent Gaelic practice through other websites, songs etc.


I have no structure as as such. I started maybe two or three days after the course was launched. I have still few more units (skills) to go till I get to the third checkpoint. I am somewhere at a 2.5 stage.

I have completed level 1 in all those skills. I am a Level 2 in few top ones. And I think Level 3 in one or two skills.

I do a bit of revision from time to time.


At the moment I bring all skills up to the next checkpoint at least to level 3, then do the checkpoint. If successful, repeat. Haven't decided yet if I should complete the whole tree at level 3 first or if I go back and max out every skill. We'll see.


I'm doing skills up to level 2 before moving on past a checkpoint. Then when I've completed the tree I'll go back to do each level through the whole tree. This pattern worked well for me on the Latin tree.


From learning other languages, I find that it's best to work through a tree in Level 1 then Level 2 etc. If you are sure that you know the basic material, there is no problem with taking it up to Level 5. You can always practice after reaching Level 5, but the practice exercises in my opinion are too simple, so anything you are not sure about, you can take it slowly and leave enough exercises.

That's just my technique, and so far this year it has enabled me to reach a reasonable conversational level in Italian and use it in Italy.

If you already know a language and are just brushing it up as I did with French, there is no harm in testing out on certain skills. Just be aware that learning a language is a longterm commitment.

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