"tea and sugar"

Translation:tì agus siùcar

December 8, 2019



I am having real trouble with accents and spelling and this is holding me back. I've finally managed to disable predictive text, which gave me Angus for agus and stomach for tapadh but cannot manage accents. Windows 10 says to use Control key but it doesn't do anything on my laptop. Suggestions welcome.


If you find the character map/Alt+number method too slow and cumbersome and would just like to be able to type reasonably normally, you can install the English International keyboard (instructions here: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_10-start/us-international-keyboard-for-windows-10/f0dc89e9-2373-42af-bb2e-f50b8a69a13a ). Then you can hit the ` key (the key next to the 1) before the letter you want to add a grave accent to. So ` followed by a will produce à.


If you have a number pad on your keyboard: open the program "Character Map," and you can find the accented character you want to use--à for example. Each character has a code you can type in to generate it. à is alt+0224--so you hold down the Alt key and press 0224. Yày! Over time you just kinda memorize the codes. If you use the mobile app or have an on-screen keyboard, usually a long press on the letter will bring up a small menu of accented letters from which to choose. Hope that helps a little!


Is the r on the end of sìucar pronounced th?

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