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  5. "Aon bhràthair beag."

"Aon bhràthair beag."

Translation:One little brother.

December 8, 2019



I didn't realize words after numbers were lenited? Why is it "aon brathair beag"?


Words following one and two are lenited. Can't remember why. Other numbers don'r cause lenition.


Thanks, I forgot about that. I don't need a why, it just is sometimes, eh?


It's in the tips now if you're on the website. There's a little ancillary in that aon lenites everything that dà does except for words beginning with d, t, and s. My best guess for why not those ones is euphony. Because it tends to happen for other cases where words would usually be lenited following a word ending in n (sgian dubh for example, where sgian - knife - is feminine and dubh would normally lenite, but doesn't because of the n at the end. I suspect they're carefully keeping those examples out of the early lessons, enough to remember as is.)


Similar question to Big Brother: Here, is it "little" only in physical size? In N. American English a "little brother" can also mean younger brother.


It is used for a younger sibling. Also, a father called Dòmhnall would be Dòmhnall Mòr and a son of the same name would be Dòmhnall Beag. Similarly for females in the family.


Awful pronunciation yet again. She say "Aon mhàthair beag" (that isn't Gaelic at all) instead of "Aon bhràthair beag".

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