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Pronounciation Guide with sound files for Scottish Gaelic?

Hi All!

Really enjoying the course! Just wondering about the priority level of including a pronounciation lesson in the course with sound files. Is there something comparable in the Irish or Welsh courses that we can reference? Hopefully after advancing enough in the tree I'll start intuiting what sound bh makes, but I'd love to have a list of the sounds and spellings to be integrated into the course at some point. IN the meantime I'll check Wikipedia and Omniglot and see if they have a list with sound files. Thanks so much for this course! Tha i sporsaill! (< Trying to remember from the course. Please forgive mistakes. :) )

December 8, 2019



Hey, we have character challenges that are designed to help with this. We may well add more in future, but I’d never thought of a lesson dedicated solely to pronunciation. By the time you advance through the course, experience lots of the character challenge and bring skills up to gold, you will hopefully be a lot more comfortable knowing which letters represent a sound.


What is a character challenge?


Thanks. Not sure where the character challenges are, but maybe a short lesson just on how to read all the digraphs at least. I've not perused some of the links and found some YouTube vids and I get that:

bh and mh are [v] sh and th are [h] ph is [f] s is often [sh]

So I'm making some progress. Those vowels though. Is there vowel harmony? Wow. In any case, I love how it sounds. :) Mòran taing!


There's another set of sound files with explanations here: http://www.akerbeltz.org/index.php?title=Fuaimean_na_G%C3%A0idhlig Fuaimean na Gàidhlig = Sounds of Gaelic. At the bottom of the first page is a list of pages. They are divided into categories like Vowels, Consonants, Lenition, etc.

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    try LearnGaelic for beginners. They have a comprehensive list, with sound files, in the beginners section. (google learngaelic, one word)

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