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  5. "Tha e cho spòrsail."

"Tha e cho spòrsail."

Translation:He is so fun.

December 8, 2019



'He is such fun', or 'He is so funny/entertaining etc'. But we wouldn't say he is SO FUN, I don't think


Hi Mags, the English here mirrors the Gaelic and fun is the best translation. Funny and entertaining wouldn't quite cut it. :) The OED lists fun as an adjective so it is not entirely wrong, if not standard.


In American English (at least where I come from) it's perfectly fine to say "He is so fun."


I agree. Really bad English.....being used more and more


In English we would normally say "so funny" or "such fun."


It doesn't really mean funny though. Such fun could work but introduces an unwelcome variable that could confuse people as cho more accurately translates as "so" or "as". Clarity with the Gaelic has to take priority over standard English usage in my opinion.


Gu dearbh...such fun.


fun is not an adjective, so we can't so "so fun"; it has to be "such fun" - which is suggested in the hint


It is according to the Oxford English Dictionary. :)


Hi, fun as an adjective is fairly common and it listed in the Oxford English Dictionary. "So fun" also accurately conveys the Gaelic, better than attempting to use what might be deemed standard English. Hence why so fun is the best given translation here. Hints are not tailored to each individual sentence (although that would be cool)

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