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  5. "Tha mi à Aimearaga."

"Tha mi à Aimearaga."

Translation:I am from America.

December 8, 2019



I find this particular person very hard to hear.


I typed in Gaelic and it said I typed in English. Must have a glitch.


Duo doesn't recognise Ameireaga as a correct spelling, but the Teach Yourself Essential Gaelic Dictionary (2018 impression) gives that as its standard spelling. So please at least record it as acceptable.


I typed in Gaelic but was told I ttped in English. AND, the so-calledcorrect answer duo gave me was not what I heard.


For info: America is more than the United States of America. It includes more than twenty countries. To use that term to mean only the USA can be taken as a slight by those living in another country in America.


In fairness, nothing here specifies the USA. "Na Stàitean Aonaichte" is "the United States", and that is the usual phrase you would use if talking about the USA.

"Aimearaga" is used here exactly as you would use it in English - either to refer to the continents, or to colloquially (and perhaps incorrectly) refer to the USA.


How would I say "I am from Switzerland"? (Google doesn't have a translation for Switzerland or Swiss)


It tells me I'm answering in English, when I'm not. This has happened before.

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