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  5. "Tha còta buidhe agam."

"Tha còta buidhe agam."

Translation:I have a yellow coat.

December 9, 2019



Gilets jaunes or Paddington?


Every day is a learning day...

It took me a DL course in Scots Gaelic to find out he had a wet-weather outfit aswell as a cold-weather one!

mathan math: chan eil e fliuch...


tha Melania cuideachd aig.


........from the holiday camp?


First time seeing this sentence. It only gave me tiles to pick from so I didn't have the option to enter the words as I thought them.
Working it out based on what I could figure though, I came up with
"A yellow coat is mine"
So... Would that be an acceptable answer? And why or why not?

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