"Còta gorm."

Translation:A blue coat.

December 9, 2019



Is it blue or green? How can it mean both?


Colour is a funny thing in all languages :)

The Grass is Blue - A Different Spectrum of Colour

It is often said that languages give you a different perspective on the world. The colour spectrum in Gaelic doesn't always align with the English one. One of the main differences is how Gaelic views blue and green.


Liath - light blue, but can also mean grey.

Gorm - blue / blue-green


Uaine - green

Gorm - green that occurs in nature

  • Tha am feur gorm. - The grass is green.

We will explore Gaelic colours in further detail later, as there are some other differences, but we will explain them as we come across them.


Thank you very much, mòran taing!


Cairngorm no an ca'rn gorm?


The very same.. but confusingly the Cairngorm's mountain range is translated into its historical name, Am Monadh Ruadh (The Red Hills). Red or blue, they're still my favourite part of the world!

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