"Você não vai me dar seu telefone?"

Translation:Aren't you going to give me your phone number?

April 26, 2013

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Number? I don't see "numero" anywhere...


Yep, there's no number... (in Portuguese we say "dar (give) o telefone" to ask about the phone number.... i usually play: if i give you my phone you wont be able to contact me.... hehe... but thats the way we say that....)


How would we say "you are not going to give me your telephone?"


The same way.... your sentencenis mre literal. So, what does the person want, my phone or phone number? We'll only find out when we get in the situation. Maybe someone can add aother infomration: "me dá (dá-me) seu telefone (para eu tirar um foto)?" / "me dá seu telefone (para eu te ligar depois)?"


What is the polite method between: "dà-me seu telefone?" or "me dà seu telefone?", somewhere I read that the second sentence is wrong if it doesn't begin with a noun or a pronoun.


yes, "me dá" is not considered gramatically correct, although many people say it this way. But, as in English, use just the verb in imperative is not considered so polite. you can use "você pode/poderia...?"


Helpful comment, but saying "telephone" shouldn't be marked as wrong... There is a better way to get this point across though.. oh well


You could also say "Voce nao vai me dar o seu numero de telefone?". Brazilians have a tendency for brevity over completeness, especially in the spoken form of the language.

E.g. voce -> ce, esta -> ta, etc.


Haha, I was sure this sentence was in the voice of a robber "Hey! You! Give me your cellphone! What?! You're not going to give me your phone?! Then I have to shoot you!"


This section is the infinitive, isn't that sentence the future tense?


Things must have changed as this comes up for me in the Verbs Present 3 module but that is on the same level as Infinitive in the current tree.


Do you really need the "not" in English or Portuguese? Are you going to give me your telephone number (or not- implied)? The answer would still be the same.


Can't this sentence also say "Aren't you going to give me "his" number"?


why can you sometimes use "o seu telefone" and sometimes you can't use the "o"?


When you have possessive+ noun, the article is opitional.


Can someone explain why this is wrong: don't you want to give me your fone?


= "você não quer me dar seu telefone?"


"You used the wrong word.

Won't you going to give me your telephone ?"

That suggestion is just plain wrong, and no native speaker would use it. It would be "Weren't you going to give me..." or "Won't you give me ...".

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