Traduzione:Lei guarda le ragazze.

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che differenza c'è fra to watch e to look

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_ Look (at) When we look, we try to see. We make a special effort. We concentrate our eyes on something.

Look at this photo! Isn't it beautiful? I'm looking but I don't see it.

-> When we use look with an object, we say look + at + object, for example: John looked at Mary.

_ Watch With the verb watch, we are much more active. Watch is like look, but requires more effort from us. We watch things that are going to move, or change in some way. And we watch the movements and changes.

I like watching motor racing on TV. If you watch that egg for long enough you'll see it hatch.

->In general, we use see for public performances and watch for television at home.

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la pronuncia di "girls" è incomprensibile

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In realtà è quella corretta...

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