Word List

Hi, can anyone tell me where I can find the list of words I have covered on duolinguo.


July 1, 2014


Not everyone has it yet, but there is a "Words" tab in the blue bar at the top of the screen. If you don't have it now, you will probably get it soon.

I thought this was a feature that was already on the site..? But I noticed it really isn't there you know if they removed it for a reason or?

In the old design, every one had a "Vocabulary" tab, then when the site was updated, it was removed (I'm not sure why). Now they are rolling it out slowly so they can see users' reactions and make improvements.

Ooooh, okay okay. I stopped using Duolingo for a while and came back to it recently. I was wondering where the vocab had gone! Thanks for clearing that up mate.

Thanks for all the answers. I did used to have it and yes it disappeared. Well, my user reaction is that it was really helpful and I would like to have it back please! I would also like the vocabulary to be listed with masculine/feminine.

Even if the tab is missing for you, you might be able to go to and see how it's formatted now. I miss clicking on a specific word and seeing the example sentences, but I check it out now to see what proportion of words need practice and which words I've practiced that day.

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