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  5. "Emptor calceos emit."

"Emptor calceos emit."

Translation:The customer buys the shoes.

December 9, 2019

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Calceōs Accusative Plural • Calceus / Calceī Shoe/s • Calx ( heel of the foot, chalk, limestone, finish line ) + -eus

Vulgar Latin Calcea (garment covering foot and leg) , from Latin Calceus shoe.

Calculus Calculī diminutive of calx, pebble, stone, reckoning, calculating, abacus pebble, gall-bladder stone • a Latrunculi game piece Lūdus Latrunculōrum

Latin Calcārius (“of or pertaining to lime”), derived from calx (“lime”). Similar to Calcium.

Caliga military leather shoe or boot Caligula

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