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  5. "Tha mi a' faicinn Beathag."

"Tha mi a' faicinn Beathag."

Translation:I am seeing Beth.

December 9, 2019



Does this mean "I see Beth" right now or seeing romantically?


Pretty sure it means the former - the translations in this course seem to be translating the structure of the language literally which is how many native Gaelic speakers speak when they speak in English so you'll hear them say e.g. "I am wanting.." (tha mi ag iarraidh) rather than "I want.."


Could it mean to see romantically or not at all?


Is "Beathag" a shortened version of Elizabeth in Gàidhlig as it is in English or is Beathag its own name?


I may be wrong but I'm assuming Beathag is it's own name as Ealasaid is the Gaelic for Elizabeth and I'm not sure how Beathag could come from Ealasaid

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