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  5. "Tha bràthair beag agam."

"Tha bràthair beag agam."

Translation:I have a little brother.

December 9, 2019



In west and central Scottish English "a wee brother" or "a big sister" refers principally to their position in the family , so for example "I've got a big brother" means "I have a brother who is older than me"...... who might of might not be taller. Does this hold in Gàidhlig with "beag" and "mòr" Or are we just talking about size?


It's the same in Gaelic - 'bràthair beag' could be a younger brother or a small (or shorter) brother. :)


Thanks Joanne, I kind of thought that ... so Gaels can be as illogical as the rest of us............"I've got a big brother who is wee, and a wee brother who is big and two wee sisters but I won't tell you what size they are."


He's taller than me.


What are the rules for different versions of Bràthair?

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