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  5. "Snèap agus buntàta."

"Snèap agus buntàta."

Translation:Turnip and potato.

December 9, 2019



Tatties and 'neaps! it all makes sense now...


Neeps. And it's from Scots, not Gaelic; turnips, 'nips.

With that said, I came here to say that I can't believe you rejected "tatties and neeps" as an answer! Well, okay, I can believe it, but you should probably accept it anyway. ;)


It's because of the word order. 'Neeps and tatties' will be accepted :)


Aye, given how iconic it is in Scottish cuisine, neeps and tatties should definitely be accepted as an answer.


It says swede is also a translation for snèap. Is that swede as in "person from Sweden"? Weird it's the same word as turnip.


Most Americans have never heard them called swedes, but that's a common term for turnips in the UK


Turnips in Scotland are yellow, my wife is from Yorkshire however and for her turnips are the white ones with purple skin, the yellow ones are swedes.

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