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"We are able to read quietly in the library."

Translation:In bibliotheca tacite legere possumus.

December 9, 2019



My response 'In bibliotheca legere possumus tacite' marked wrong' thought word order did nut matter. I have reported.


thought word order did nut matter.

Word order matters just as much as it does in any other language. Latin has a relatively free word order, but the order of words still carries meaning.

In a neutral word order, the adverb (here, tacitē) typically precedes the verb it is modifying: tacitē legere.


'Tacite legere in bibliotheca possumus' is also marked wrong; could there be any reason for that too?


I wrote the same thing and was marked wrong. I hope someone will explain what we did wrong and what the general rule for placement of prepositional phrases is? This is not in the notes.


What does the other one , "In bibliothecae nos legere tacite possumus" mean?


in bibliothecae would not be considered correct. in can be used with an ablative (location) or an accusative (motion into). bibliothecae could be genitive or dative singular, or nominative or vocative plural.


"Legere tacite in bibliotheca possumus" was rejected. I reported it.

I know that word order ultimately can and does matter, but is the word order in my sentence really wrong?


I do not agree with the order of the words

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