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Latin Advice!

Hello everyone! I am taking Latin II in high school and I have a question for those who take Latin courses in school and/or use the app. Is the app useful for learning Latin in school? Usually in class we read stories and learn words related to those stories, which usually relate to old Latin culture. Our teacher wants us to know exactly what case/conjugation something is in by name and what part of speech it is in. Also some technical grammatical stuff. We use the Cambridge textbook as well. Thank you so much for reading.

December 9, 2019



The Latin II curriculum goes a long way past the current Duolingo course in many areas.

Doing the course here is probably useful, if you have time, because it will broaden some of your learning and may help to reinforce what you learn, but it doesn't come close to replacing what you should be learning in high school.


Thank you so much, and I didn't know that the curriculum was that much farther!


Cambridge Latin.. Wow that brings back some memories. I have a deep affection and hatred for those books. The Duolingo app isn't going to hurt your learning, but it probably isn't going to help very much either. You will get more mileage out of memorizing the case & conjugation endings, especially if you plan on studying Latin in college. I would recommend checking out Weelock's Latin or Jenny's Year One Latin if you want some additional resources.

(Spoiler . Caecilius dies.)


Haven't seen Caecilius in awhile! But I loved Grumio the best. Thank you for all the useful advice and resources as well :)

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