At last, I have maxed out all the lessons on Swahili duolingo! This is the first time I have completed a Duolingo course (including previous accounts). I’d like to thank Esther and Rashidi (lol). But seriously, learning Swahili was such an interesting experince. Since I used to have a large interest in linguistics I had heard of noun classes and agglutination, but actually seeing these properties in action is completely different. The system of verbal derivation (-wa,-isha etc.) was something I had never seen before. While the course itself had some problems (mostly audio) it was mainly good. I’ve seen a lot of negativity, but most of it was one or two years ago, so I guess this means the course has improved greatly since then.

Final thoughts: How to I continue practicing? I sometimes try to read BBC Swahili but I don’t think that’s enough. My main problem is more vocabulary than grammar. Also, any song recommendations? I like most things Afrobeat but I also like older style songs like “Malaika”. My only criteria is that it should be close to standard- so no Sheng or bilingual songs (unless it’s also in English) because then it’s too confusing.

December 9, 2019


Pole kaka ! To listen music, you can check the modern pop from East Africa : Sauti Sol, Diamond Platinumz, Patoranking... Sasa, ninarudi darakani wa duolingo...

Awesome job! May I ask how long it took you? I've been working on Swahili for 112 days now. I also have an appreciation of the grammar, and I have an English degree. I was app-based primarily until I discovered the "tips" and forum on the desktop version. It has completely changed my understanding of the grammar.

Also, your comment about Esther and Rashidi made me laugh out loud. Don't forget Emilian and Juma, though.


Don't forget jamila, kaka, dada, baba, babu, bibi and mama!

I'm following your footsteps. we must be only a few levels apart.

I dont have any suggestions I just wanted to agree with your comment. This has been one of the funner courses Ive ever done on the app and it was a very pleasant surprise to discover it. Im very grateful to the people who put the work into making it.

Usipoteze Rehema tho.. Mbona hutaki kujifunza Sheng? Itakusaidia sana na nyimbo za Nairobi ni noma

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