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  5. "Wie viele möchte er?"

"Wie viele möchte er?"

Translation:How many does he want?

April 26, 2013



Why is it "Wie viele möchte er" and not "Wie viele möchtet er"?


The modal auxiliaries do not conjugate the same way regular verbs do. Just think about how mögen behaves: Ich mag; du magst; er mag; etc. The first and third person singular look alike.

So: Ich möchte; du möchtest; er möchte; wir möchten; ihr möchtet; sie möchten.


Many thanks. I don't understand why it's in conjunctive/subjuncitve ... Why not "wie viele mag er" ? (with present tense in the suggested duo translations).


Mögen means 'to like', 'to find something or someone likeable'. One uses it when someone thinks something or someone is interesting, enjoyable, attractive, etc:

Ich mag dich. = 'I like you.'

Magst du meinen Hund? = 'Do you like my dog?'

Möchte means 'would like to', which is a polite way of saying 'to want (to)'. One uses the subjunctive when someone wants something:

Ich möchte eine Tasse Kaffee, bitte. = 'I would like a cup of coffee, please.'

or wants to do something:

Ich möchte mich vorstellen. = 'I would like to introduce myself.'

I hope this helps.


many thanks, with lingot !


Why is 'how much does he like' wrong?


'How much' is 'wie viel.' 'Wie vielE' is 'how many.'


I ansewred "How much does he like" and it was accepted


i had:"How much would he like?" and it was accepted. Did Duo make a mistake?

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"How many would he like?" is accepted now.


did not accept for me.


I put, "How many would he like". Why is that wrong?


It should be right. You should try reporting it.


"How many like him?" Why is this wrong? isn't "want' translated to "wollen"?


I wrote the answer in german & they counted it wrong?


"Möchte" is conditional: it should be "would like". This wasn't available: the present tense form (" does want") was. That's wrong: please correct.


This is the Konjunktiv II case of "mochten" for "he"... I'm not sure if it is too early for this question to be in this random strengthen practice... I mean I haven't even got to learn past perfect on Duolingo yet!


how about "wie viele will Er"? does this mean "how many does he want?


Am I the only one who hears a glass sound in this audio?


I have been marked wrong in many translations where the English verb was "want" and I chose "möchten". Duo has always insisted that it is only correct for me to chose, "wollen" to mean "want".

What is the justification for this sudden loosening of restrictions for the definitions of möchten and wollen? How can they be interchangeable when the lesson you've been teaching me thus far is that they are not?

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