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"Halò ollaimh, thigibh a-steach."

Translation:Hello professor, come in.

December 9, 2019



thigibh as opposed to thig is it politeness?


Yes, thigibh matches sibh, it's used when talking to multiple people or politely to someone.


How do I insert the accents when needed?


They've added it now (at least as of 20th December 2019) so you can just press the buttons to type them in.


Given the Uist/Barra/Eriskay dialect(s), would you also see a-staigh used here?


It's probably best to keep a-staigh for the location and a-steach for the direction of movement.


I aye get the should/should not for formalising use, I'm curious about whether native speakers of those dialects would use it in that way. "standardised" Gaelic is interesting but, living in a place where the local English dialect is being wiped out, the Gaelic dialects that will die off due to standardisation/formalisation (and the 70-year old lifelong speakers, whose first words were in Gaelic, being told their Gaelic/dialect is "wrong" by outsiders) are especially interesting to me.

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