"Dia mendukungnya atau tidak mendukungnya?"

Terjemahan:He is for her or against her?

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The answers are wrong:

• She is forhim or against him?

Should have a space between for and him and is bad grammar, we would say 'Is she for him or against him'

• He is for her or against her?

And the usual formation of this sentence is 'with', rather than 'for'


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The English translation that I see is: "He is for her or against her?"

The answer is actually correct. If you look at the Indonesian sentence, it is not in the question form. The proper question form for that sentence is:

  • Apakah dia mendukungnya atau tidak mendukungnya? = Is he for her or against her?"

Since it's not in the question form, the English translation for it shouldn't be in question form too. So the answer is correct.

The usage of "for" is also fine. Some people prefer to use "for", others use "with". Both should be acceptable.

So overall, other than the missing space, the translation is fine.

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It's just a poorly chosen sentence I guess overall.

Apparently in other Duolingo languages they accept 'Is s/he for her/him or against her/him'


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