"Tòn reamhar."

Translation:A fat buttocks.

December 9, 2019


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I think in English buttocks is a plural noun - so this would be translated just as "fat buttocks". As opposed to bottom which is a singular noun so would be "a fat bottom". I realised too late after I had moved on to the next question but will put a report in when I see it again.


Regardless of the debate, too useful a phrase not to study and memorize. :)

I've been told you aren't fluent in a language until you can curse. Would you have examples of 'heck' and 'darn'? :o


The naughty little book of gaelic by michael newton should expand your fluency in this area. It is quite explicit so be warned :)


Just purchased. Thanks for the recomendation


I'd probably use "(o) mo chreach!" For a somewhat stronger cursing Gaelic often uses religious terms rather then body-related ones, so you can probably encounter "an Donas = the Devil" as often as, if not more often than, "hell!" in English, including in expressions like "an Donas (something)! = the damned (something)!" or "Donas fhios agam = Damned if I know".


Is toil leam tòn reamhar agus chan eil mi innse breug! Actually, I can take 'em or leave 'em. But the song was fun. Kind of hard to fit all those syllables into the rythm though. . .


"Reamhar" sounds like "lau-widh" when the person with the high voice is speaking. Is that a correct pronounciation? Guessing it's a difference in dialect pronunciation, but not 100% sure


The 'standard' pronunciation (if there is such a thing in Gaelic) is /'rˠãũər/ in IPA.


I've also heard 'rahvar' a lot.


This is not sensible English. In normal UK English usage, you would say a fat bottom, or a fat bum. We hardly ever use buttocks in everyday speech. If you really wanted to say buttocks, it would be just 'fat buttocks', except that no one would normally say that. I think bottom is a much better general translation for ton, if you are trying to relate to normal speech.


Maybe buttocks is used in American English?


'Bottom,' 'bum,' or 'ass' in American English (the latter is not polite however). 'Buttocks' is okay but not common, and might be used humorously.


sorry, 'a fat buttocks' is not correct.


"A fat buttocks" cannot be correct English since "buttocks" is plural. Would it not be more accurate to translate it as "Fat buttocks"? If you want to include an indefinite article, the plural would be "some".


Or 'a fat bottom' but 'a fat buttocks' is grammatically wrong!


Surely "a fat behind" will do just as well?

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Yes, fat behind or fat bottom sounds right to me.


Please substitute bottom for buttocks in all answers as this is the normal english word and is singular like ton

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