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  5. "Chan eil mi à Inbhir Nis."

"Chan eil mi à Inbhir Nis."

Translation:I am not from Inverness.

December 9, 2019



I don't know what this woman is saying


Scottish Gaelic in a nutshell.


It sounds like she is in the bath and the device recording her is across the bathroom.

I don't really know how this report function works, but don't get rid of her - I think the accent is needed in order to better acquaint learners with it - but at least get her to re-record it.


Hi, it has been re-recorded but these changes take a while to feed through.


It's been a month since this reply...there's no way what I heard today can be clearer than it was. She's great, just really muffled and quiet.


Aye, a bug is preventing us removing the old sentence. At the moment there are two sentences recording that exist for it. There is a 50 / 50 chance of getting the new one. We need staff to fix the bug though before it can be removed completely. Listening exercises are disabled for the old file, but this is all we can do till staff fix the bug. We have a list of all sentences needing replaced, but our hands are tied ATM.


Thank you...gotta love technology! :-)


Couldn't really hear that one.


There is no way she is saying Inverness


The answer isnt "i am not lovely now" in case you were wondering


This exercise is missing the word “eil” so it can’t be completed correctly without changing to keyboard.


When I got this again to correct my mistake, the word bank was missing “à” so it couldn’t be completed without the keyboard.

[deactivated user]

    Really struggle to make this person out. Always sounds muffled


    Please remove this audio i cant figure out what the person is saying without trial and error :/

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