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  5. "Tha tàirneanaich ann."

"Tha tàirneanaich ann."

Translation:There is thunder.

December 9, 2019



Isn't this the plural form? Is it because the English word is uncountable but the Gàidhlig one is countable? So the meaning here is something like "thunderstorm"?


I was wondering that as well.


JUST noticed : "(he is) feeling" and "thunder" have the SAME combination of vowels in the SAME order : "fAIrEAchdAInn" and "tÀIrnEAnAIch" (ai-ea-ai) ... THA GÀIDLIGH GU MATH SGIONNEIL !


I swear I can never make out what this woman is saying, and I hate getting new words with her reading them. I try to click the word by itself, and there is no voice for it. Would anyone be able to phonetically spell it?


Does the start with a 'ck' sound? Its a little difficult to understand

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