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Numbers From Target Language to Base Language

Especially in the later lessons, I have noticed that many times the numerical forms (1, 10, 42) are not accepted in lieu of the written form of the number (one, ten, forty two). With all due respect, I know how to spell the numbers in my base language (in my case English) and don't want to waste time or possibly lose points for typos to type out the written form of a number. It would be great if your programmers systematically accepted numerals in answers, especially when the sentence is asking for a translation into your base language. If you want to require typing out the written forms in the target language, I understand that as I do believe that assists with learning.

It is infuriating to be dinged for what I see as an obvious flaw in your program. Hopefully, this post doesn't come off as too whiny. I just think that Rémy only has so much time in his day and that he shouldn't have to be adding answers for every single "number" question when one of the programmers could do it with 3 lines of code. Keep up the good work.

April 26, 2013


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Thanks, this is being worked on!

Both numerals (e.g. "32") and number words (e.g. "thirty-two") will be accepted soon.


I can only think of one reason for not accepting numbers: it may be confusing for some users that numbers are accepted in base language but not in target language.

The current system is simple: just always spell the numbers and you won't be wrong.

That said, I'm not sure which system is better for most users. For me it is no big deal anyway, I don't mind spelling English numbers and I'd probably spell them even if numbers were accepted - my fingers type letters faster than I figure out if I am allowed to use numbers instead.

Let's see what others think about it, though.


Your point is well taken, but in many of the earlier lessons the numerical forms are accepted.

For me, the numerical forms are deeply ingrained in my brain. I actually had to use a different site to learn numbers. Even then I found it was easier to learn the numbers in French in a third language (my case, German) in order to make them stick. When I see vingt cinq, I think "25" not "twenty five" (... or fünfundzwanzig, but I digress). Thus it's more difficult than you would think to write out the full words because my brain just automatically fills in the numerals, then I press enter and poof. Sometimes duo says I'm correct and other times not. Either way, it's inconsistent and frustrating because I feel as though I've done nothing wrong.


Yes, whatever the final verdict in terms of allowing numerical answers or requiring them to be spelled out, it should at least be consistent across the entire site.


I agree with that, I don't know programatically speaking how much it would take to accept all numbers from their litteral translations, but it makes sense.

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