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"Tha an spàin briste, feumaidh mi eile."

Translation:The spoon is broken, I need another one.

December 9, 2019



Feumaidh mi tè eile agus feumaidh mi fear eile. What is the difference?


tè means woman or "one" when used with feminine nouns.

fear means man or "one" when used with masculine nouns.

Tè is also a colloquial term for whiskey. So feumaidh mi tè eile also means "I need another whiskey".


No, is commonly used for a whisky, not the indefinite whiskey.

Firstly it means 'a [glass of] whisky'. You cannot have a bottle of . It is regarded as short for tè bheag, 'a wee one'.

Secondly, whiskey is the spelling for the Irish or American spirit. Gaelic speakers always drink Scotch whisky.


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There is an unpleasant glitch in the sound of spàin. I have reported it.


I think there is a problem with audio. I have reported it.

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