December 9, 2019



What is the role of accents in gaelic? Do they denote a change in pronunciation? Or stress? Or what?


9 time out of 10, vowel length (longer with accent).

There are some times it indicates a different vowel quality (these used to be acutes, but spelling reform made everything graves)


can anyone tell me how I can show the accents on screen so that i can put them in


Depending if youre using a phone app (and depending on the phone) if you hold the vowel button down, more options should appear with many different accented letters.


For the desktop site, you should have the little buttons made by DL below the writing space. For the app or mobile site, the built-in keyboard of your device should include accents, pressing the keys with more insistance (depending on the operating system, perhaps).


On Android, if you're using the gboard keyboard, long-press the spacebar, then choose languages, then "add keyboard", and then scroll down to Scottish-gaelic. Bonus: predictive text will now include Scottish-gaelic words. Duolingo will automatically switch you to the correct keyboard once you have it, but you can also switch by long-pressing the spacebar again.

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