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  5. "I eat food."

"I eat food."

Translation:Eu como comida.

April 26, 2013



Why "Eu como alimento" is incorrect if both "alimento" and "comida" mean food?


I agree your sentence should also be accepted. But if a person says just "I eat food" you hardly ever see "eu como alimento" — "comida" is more frequently used. We use alimento in these instances:

  • If the speaker gives additional information: "I eat healthy food" = "eu como alimento/comida saudável".
  • When you say "comida", you may sometimes refer to food which is not junk. (No almoço, gosto de comer comida = at lunch, I like to eat food -- not sandwich, bread, cookies or anything else)
  • "Alimento" is somehow more formal, then you'll hear that on TV programs or by doctors, nutritionists....


great explanation, and btw I really enjoy all your contributions!


thank you, it makes more sense now!


They accept this answer now.


my question seems to have disappeared (eaten perhaps) Why do I need eu before como?


It's optional here.


Yeah they used alimento as food before so I think that it should be correct to choose both comida and alimento even if one is used more casually and the other more formal by doctors, nutrionists, etc.


Agreed. Just report that.


What is the difference between comida and comido?


"Comido" = eaten and is not a noun like "[a] comida" = food.

Comido is the past participle of the verb, "comer" = to eat.


comido adjective / past participle, masculine
eaten past-p (often used)
less common:

Nunca até agora, na história mundial, tínhamos comido tanta carne quanto hoje.

Never before in the history of the world have we eaten as much meat as we do today.

"Comida" can also mean ingested.

O composto, utilizado para tornar visível a tinta em papel termosensível, é comido por homens ao manusear as notas fiscais e depois tocar sua boca ou ao manipular de alimentos.

The compound, used to make ink visible on thermally sensitive paper, is ingested by men when they handle the receipts and then touch their mouths or handle food.


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