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"Fàilte! A bheil Gàidhlig agad?"

Translation:Welcome! Do you have Gaelic?

December 10, 2019



English speakers do not really say "Do you have Gaelic?" a direct translation would be "Is Gaelic at-you?", but that does not help either. It has to be "Do you speak Gaelic?" or "Do you know Gaelic?" to be idiomatic English.


As a Scots speaker living in the Islands, I have asked "Do you have Gaelic?" and I have even heard "Do you have THE Gaelic?"

[deactivated user]

    You can hear "Do you have Gaelic" in Nova Scotia too.


    It is both idiomatic Scottish English and a literal translation, which is why we went with that translation over any other. "Do you speak Gaelic?" will absolutely be accepted though.


    No, it doesn't, and that myth needs to die a fiery death.

    Even if you discount its use in Scotland, it's still used by Americans of sufficient age. I have neighbors who have never been out of our State but would say "have Sarah order, she's got a little bit of that Spanish". Literally walk into any Mexican restaurant in rural America and you're guaranteed to hear SOMEBODY say that (with a different name) at some point in the day.


    Once again i run into the Gaelic/Gàidhlig problem. Please can both be made valid? Thank you!


    I get the frustration, but we are asking you to translate into English, and 'Gàidhlig' is not an English word :)


    Aye, but outside of historically Gàidhlig speaking communities, neither is "Do you have Gaelic?" English or Scots.

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